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To keep this from happening as illustrated below.

Quality Products and Service

What Gennoe Electric offers

Gennoe Electric uses quality major brand Siemens Panals for the pure copper inner workings instead of the lower quality copper coated some other brands use. As always price is important but safety should always come before cost. We try to only supply quality materials during any service work rendered.

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Why Should You Check Your Breaker Panel ?


Products and Service quotes

The service rate is dependent on the job and materials needed if any. One of our qualified service technicians will upon request drive to your location and evaluate what service and materials your project may need. After the evaluation is complete the service technician will give a quote and you may choose whether or not to use our service, but at the least you will have a starting point of what your project needs will be. As always we are proud to serve you and hope we can provide you with quality service in the near future.Thanks for taking the time to give Gennoe Electric your consideration. Sincerely owner and operator Lamar Gennoe.

 Electrical Service and Emergency Backup Generators

Swimming pool concerns? You should be concerned. Swimming pool contractors are wiring up swimming pool water pumps without a GFI and people are getting shocked and getting electrocuted.

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Service Devices

Service and Product Type

  • Troubleshooting Specialist
  • Wall outlets
  • Phone line wiring
  • Wiring and rewiring homes
  • Underground wiring
  • Recessed LED lighting
  • Dimmer switches with LED lighting
  • Ceiling fans retrofitted with LED lighting
  • Outdoor security and LED lighting
  • Load centers
  • 200 amp meter sockets
  • Breaker panels
  • Emergency backup Generator systems