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Do your lights flicker or dim when an appliance, furnace, ac or light is turned on.

Gennoe Electric can install a back up emergency generator at your home or site. We can offer back up systems for different budgets depending on the size of house and or what needs you have.


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We Specialize in Service Work.  No Job Too Small



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Do You Need Your Electrical Box Inspected?  Absolutely!

Here at Gennoe Electric we care about you and the safety of your family. Over 47 years of service proves it..

Gennoe Electric Service in MaryvilleAGennoe Electric Service in Maryville


Installed on site

We use organic material

when possible


‚ÄčThese are signs of problems and potential fire hazards.
 Electrical Service and Emergency Backup Generators

Hot Tub Electrical Service

This causes the wires to become loose inside your breaker box.

Need assistance with your new or existing home wiring planning? Don't we all. We've got you and your lighting, outlet or receptacle goals and objectives in mind. You and all your wiring planning needs are in expert hands. Leave it to us.

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 Over 50 years of quality service and customer satisfaction

We specialize in electrical service work with pools, spas, and hot tubs.

Wires get hot and expand.
Then shrink when cooled.

  • We specialize in service work.
  • No Job Too Small
  • All electrical services
  • Emergency generator backups
  • Licensed - Insured

.Have you ever left your house and felt you may have left something on? I have,  having an electrician come by and checking your breaker boxes for loose wires and shorts will lesson your worries. It is recommended to schedule preventive maintenance at least once a year. Many homes are neglected and maybe you bought a new home that is a few years old or older and not sure of the prior maintenance program of the former tenants. I like to leave home feeling secure about my family and personal irreplaceable memories and heirlooms. Contact us today to schedule preventive maintenance or any other electrical service that fits your needs.

Remember our motto: "No Job Too Small". Call anytime! (865-982-3388)

Swimming pool electrical Concerns? You should have concerns.

Swimming pool contractors are not installing GFI's into the electrical parts of your swimming pool such as the water pumps. People are being electrocuted and a simple GFI could have prevented the injury or death.